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Here some details have been shared about this programming contest.

About teams and slots, here are some details -

** It’s an inter university programming contest. So, any university student from all over the country can form team to compete in this contest.

** The teams competing consist of up to three persons (not less than two persons).The coach has to be a faculty member.

** Total numbers of the teams will be 90.

** Slots will be allocated to each university. Allocated slots for each university will be published on 17 June, 2019. 

** The primary registration will be continued till 15th June. And every team is requested to register within this time. 

** The payments should be completed after allocating the slot to each university and within the payment deadline.

About Registration here are some details -

** Event Link:

** Our primary registration is going on. 
Here is the registration link :

** Last date of primary registration : 15 June, 2019.

** Slot distribution : 17 June, 2019.

** Final registration with payment starts: 18 June, 2019.

** Last date of Final registration and payment: 28 June, 2019.

** Registration Fee: 3500 bdt + 53 bdt (bkash).

Here is the Rulebook link of IUPC:

More details about the contest environment will be published soon... 

Happy Coding.


রাজশাহীতে ফিরতি টিকিট বিক্রি শুরু ৫ আগস্ট

3 years ago

ঈদুল আযহা উপলক্ষে রাজশাহীতে ফিরতি ট্রেনের অগ্রিম টিকিট বিক্রি শুরু হবে আগামী ৫ আগস্ট থেকে। এবারও অর্ধেক টিকিট কাউন্টার থেকে এবং বাকি অর্ধেক টিকিট অন [...]


Workshop on Fast Charging of Solar Based Hybrid Electric Vehicle

3 years ago

Time: Thu Feb 28  2019, at 10:00 am to 03:00 pm

VENUE: RUETRajshahi, RUET,  Rajshahi-6204, Bangladesh

Humanity is on the verge of a massive technological revolution. That revolution will be led, to a great extent, by renewable energy sources, especially solar energy and energy storage devices or more precisely, batteries. Battery Technology is also leading the r [...]


MeGo Mango Picking Festival 2019

3 years ago

সময়ঃ ১০:০০ থেকে বিকাল ৫:০০ টা

তারিখঃ ০১-০৬-২০১৯ থেকে ০২-০৬-২০১৯

স্থানঃ কোর্ট ষ্টেশন, রাজপাড়া, রাজশাহী-৬০০০

MeGo ম্যাংগো প্যাকিং ফেস্টিভ্যালে আপন [...]

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